Ceramics and Sculpture Arts

In the mid 1950’s Inez reached age 30, and she left NYC to move back to the Capitaland Region of upstate New York, this time for good. She was employed as a junior high school art teacher in the Troy, NY school district. From the late 1950’s and through the 1960’s, Inez dabbled in theContinue reading “Ceramics and Sculpture Arts”

Greeting Card Business

In the late 1940’s, Inez moved back to Manhattan. She worked in an advertising firm, as well as started her own greeting card business. At the time, she was known as Inez Parker, and her company was “Parker Studios”. Her entrepreneurial spirit would be tapped again later in her career, with both a mail orderContinue reading “Greeting Card Business”

College Years: 1942 – 1945

Inez attended the Pratt Institute of Art in Manhattan, NYC and earned her degree in Advertising Art. This was during World War II. She lived in an apartment in Manhattan with her friend, Barbara Adams, and they celebrated the end of the war at the ticker tape parade. Her degree set her up for aContinue reading “College Years: 1942 – 1945”

Painting in Nature

Born in 1924, Inez grew up during the late 1920’s and through the Great Depression of the 1930’s. Her past times as a child were simple: reading, playing paper dolls and art. This short movie clip from 1939 is the first we see of her with her artwork – an expedition in nature with herContinue reading “Painting in Nature”

Who was Inez?

Inez was born in Schenectady, N.Y. in 1924, and grew up inspired by art. Two of her aunts were professional artists: Carrie Clute (1891-1968) and Inez “Ethel” Reade (1880 – 1973). After high school, Inez studied art earned her degree at Pratt Institute in Manhattan, N.Y. in the 1940’s. Her earliest works are drawings andContinue reading “Who was Inez?”