Metalwork and Jewelry

In the early 1950’s, the abstract expressionism art movement began. Artists such as Jackson Pollock and Helen Frankenthaler were experimenting with shapes, colors and forms, coupled with free and spontaneous emotion in their paintings. Many of these abstract expressionists lived, worked and showed their art in the galleries of NYC, the hub of this movement – right where Inez was living.

Inez clearly took note of this trend. Follow this link to get a flavor of abstract expressionism and see the interesting use of color and shapes. You will then see some resemblance in the works of Inez below.

At this time, Inez began exploring with copper and silver jewelry making, and she incorporated concepts of abstract expressionism into her designs. You’ll notice she also retained the idea from her earlier work in greeting cardmaking, with embedding metal wires in some of the designs.

Most of her jewelry pieces were earrings, pins, necklaces and scarf clips

Inez’s earrings were exclusively clip-on’s. During the 19th and early 20th century, the idea of piercing ears and having holes in them was considered vulgar. The invention of clip on earrings in the 20th century allowed all women the opportunity to wear earrings. By the 1950’s, clip-ons were in high demand with styles available for every occasion. Pierced earrings came into fashion by the 1970’s.

Pins were very fashionable at this time as well. Often times, she created matching sets of earrings and pins.

Set of earrings and pin

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