An Early Artistic Influencer

Carrie E. Clute

Carrie E. Clute was a professional artist, specializing in painting. She also was Inez’s paternal aunt. For Inez, art was around her from childhood, and you can see the influence of Carrie’s work in some of Inez’s latter work. In a subsequent blog post I will share comparisons of a couple of their works, but in this post I will provide a bit about this amazing artist and her work.

Carrie was born in 1891 and lived until 1968. She never married and supported herself with sales of her paintings, as well as, working as a high school art teacher in NYC. Carrie spent a great deal of time living on the coast of Maine and in Florida; and, she traveled extensively across the US, as well as on a steamship across the Atlantic to Europe in 1929.

The subjects of her painting were primarily landscapes, seascapes and the natural world. Her work was strongly influenced by the post impressionism movement.

Even while living in New York City Carrie was looking for and painting nature. As an example, while living in Brooklyn, she painted the East River with Manhattan in the background.

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