Creating a Tribute Blog

One way to capture a personal history is to create a tribute blog. A tribute blog may be used for a whole life story or to capture a segment of one’s life. You can create a free blog with a product such as WordPress and as a digital medium, it can be saved for perpetuity. You can write stories, embed documents and photographs, and even insert audio or video clips.

Uniquely YourStory has created a sample tribute blog as an example for you: Inez C. Sewell – Artist Inspired by Nature. This tribute blog captures the artistic aspect of a 20th century woman’s life. Throughout her life, Inez was involved in the arts in many different ways, and each blog post captures a different aspect of her life and work as an artist. Throughout the upcoming year new posts will be added to share the story of this woman’s life through her art.

Inez C. Sewell

To see how the blog captures her art life story, follow the blog category “Inez C. Sewell – Artist Inspired by Nature” on this website.

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