A Seamstress Perfected

As a child, Inez had learned to sew and in fact had made some of her own clothing.

During the late 1940’s, Inez spent a year working as a seamstress for a professional theater. As such, she quickly learned all the ins and outs of true garment construction.

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If you look past my poor ironing and photography skills, you will see below an example of her fine garment craftsmanship in a blouse from the late 1940’s. Note the perfectly lined-up seams and covered buttons in matching fabric. Each button down the front is perfectly lined up such that they blend into the pattern of the fabric.

Can you see the buttons running down the front?
Detail. Each button is hand covered with fabric to perfection
Each sleeve is constructed with detail – three strips of the fabric pattern aligned and sewn, running the length of the sleeve
Culminating in the matching cuff, again with the matching three strip of patterned fabric.
And matches the two three-strips running down the back of the blouse

And lastly, she carries the three-strip pattern through to the matching headband.

During her time working with the theater she developed her sewing skills, as well as creativity and attention to detail. Inez designed & sewed garments and other things throughout the rest of her life. Some of her most playful designs were children’s clothing, doll clothes, toys, and halloween costumes, such as a fire breathing dragon and a giraffe.

2 thoughts on “A Seamstress Perfected

  1. Once again, I’m dazzled by her creativity and attention to detail! I must ask , though, who is the giraffe and who is the dragon? I think I already know who was inside each of those costumes!

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