Who was Inez?

Inez was born in Schenectady, N.Y. in 1924, and grew up inspired by art. Two of her aunts were professional artists: Carrie Clute (1891-1968) and Inez “Ethel” Reade (1880 – 1973). After high school, Inez studied art earned her degree at Pratt Institute in Manhattan, N.Y. in the 1940’s. Her earliest works are drawings and paintings. After college she briefly had a small business designing greeting cards. As she developed her talent over the years, she explored ceramics, metal work, fabric arts, and eventually found her greatest passion with woodworking and carving.

In addition, Inez worked as a freelance commercial artist for many years, designing company brochures, logos and business cards, and other business materials

This is a favorite painting.

Oil on Canvas, 1968

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