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Each of us has an amazing life! Capture and share your life story with family & friends today and with the generations of tomorrow.

What is a Personal History?

Creating a personal history is about documenting a life – either your own, of other family members, members of your community or an organization. It goes much further beyond genealogy — it captures the stories behind the names, dates and photographs.

We provide people with a joyful experience and peace of mind knowing that their life and stories will be remembered and shared with the generations to come. ​Keepsake books can be created to capture an entire life, a certain time period, or even a special event. They can also include family stories and recollections of grandparents or other family members.

A life story book is a treasure for the generations to come. It’s an opportunity to pass on the stories from one generation to the next.

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Passion for Personal History

It’s incredible to feel a connection to those who came before us. We have the opportunity to reach out to those who have yet been born and provide them with a deep connection back to us.

Creating a Tribute Blog

One way to capture a personal history is to create a tribute blog. A tribute blog may be used for a whole life story or to capture a segment of one’s life. You can create a free blog with a product such as WordPress and as a digital medium, it can be saved for perpetuity.Continue reading “Creating a Tribute Blog”

Piecing Together a Life Story

This is an amazing story of the past and the present! A local man discovered lost and forgotten images in an attic. With a little digging, he solved a mystery and discovered some history.

Letter from 1876

A Trip to Chicago This week has me transcribing and recording a letter from 1876. It’s from a young woman — a recent Vassar College graduate — who is in Chicago for the summer and writing home to her family about her adventures. Her letter is pages and pages long. She decided to write oneContinue reading “Letter from 1876”