Master Woodcarver

Inez found her element with woodcarving, inspired by nature. In the 1970’s & 1980’s, she honed her craft and focused primarily on carving birds and ducks. This final post in her Tribute Blog shares some of Inez’s wonderful carvings and her great joy in, at last, owning her own business and competing in US national woodcarving shows.

Inez always has an entrepreneurial spirit – starting back in NY city with her greeting card business. After having success with her mail-order woodcarving pattern business, she wanted more. In 1976, she considered opening a consignment shop in the planned new “1776 Shopping Mall” in Menands NY, Luckily, she got cold feet with that endeavor, as that mall faltered.

Then, an opportunity to open her own shop in a location within walking distance to her home became available in 1979. At last, Inez opened her very own shop, Imagination Plus, located on Rte. 7 in Latham, NY. It was a woodcarving, art and consignment store. Inez moved all of her carving equipment and tools into the back workroom, and was able to carve throughout her days between tending to customers or chatting with local artisans.

At this time Inez also started a woodcarving club in the Town of Colonie, and taught carving classes in her shop. Many local artists offered their work for sale in her store. For the six years she ran her business, Imagination Plus was a hang out for the local carvers and other artists. Often, artists would gather, chat and carve the day away together. Inez always had a smile and the coffee pot on.

Inez at her shop, Imagination Plus c. 1984

In addition to operating her shop, Inez was carving continuously and showing her bird and duck carvings at national carving competitions.

In 1985, Inez’s husband, Ed Sewell, passed away. Inez chose to close her shop by the end of 1986. At home, Inez focused her time and energy on her carving and showing & competing in US national wood carving competitions. Inez enjoyed and was carving up until she passed away in June of 1989.

Many thanks to my sister, Karen Sewell, for her time and talent in photographing many of the art pieces seen in Inez’s Tribute Blog!

And, Thank You for reading Inez’s Tribute Blog. It has been an honor to share her amazing talent and life with all of you.

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  1. I’ve really enjoyed being part of your and Inez’s walk down memory lane.

    What a rare opportunity for me to learn about Inez and you.

    Thanks for including me. Beautifully done Luanne
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