Dabbling with Wood

In the 1970’s, Inez began working with wood and discovered that she loved forming shapes from it. Early in this endeavor, she began creating simple toys and animals. Inez also enjoyed creating relief carvings and then began focusing on chip carving. Her home art studio became filled with a myriad of woodcarving tools, lathes, sawdust and wood chips!

Inez began carving animals and birds and discovered this was her calling. Inez was in her element! She loved forming something from a beautiful piece of wood.

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As Inez read through the carving magazines, she came to realize that many people who wanted to carve needed patterns to carve the animals or shapes. As we know, Inez could draw anything … so she started advertising in the back of the magazines that she could draw and create patterns for any shape someone wanted to carve, and thus her carving pattern mail-order business was born! She did this for quite a few years, and reignited her desire to have her own business.

Here are a few samples of her carving patterns:

Over the next few years Inez experimented with chip carving, relief carving and started to hone her skills at carving birds and ducks.

Inez began going to art and woodcarving events and learning more and more about the art and science of woodcarving. Here she’s seen with a display of her early carvings at a wood carving event.

Up Next: We’ll see where Inez’s new passion, lifelong creativity, love of nature, entrepreneurial spirit and a few more years of wood carving experience took her.

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