Programs Now Available

Would you like to learn how to capture and save your life story or that of a family or community member? Uniquely YourStory now has four program offerings for your club, library, senior center, community organization or genealogy group.


The Time is Now! Getting Started on that Life Story Bookshares the many reasons and benefits of documenting your life, as well as 5 steps to take to get started right away. Can be combined with “The Surprising Benefits of Telling Your Life Story” for a longer workshop. 60-90 minutes

 Moving Past Names & Dates: Personal History for Genealogists explains the importance of adding a personal dimension to your genealogy and concrete steps on how to get started. 60 minutes

The Surprising Benefits of Telling Your Life Story* is a lively, interactive in-person workshop that demonstrates the value of capturing life stories at any age. In this workshop participant are encouraged to bring an item that holds special meaning to them to share about with the group. 60-90 minutes

Creating a Tribute Blog provides the benefits and basic instructions of creating an online story as a Tribute to a person, family, place, or collection. An example Tribute Blog is shared, as well as the steps to take to create one. 60 minutes

*All programs may be held in-person or online, except “The Surprising Benefits of Telling Your Life Story” which is an in-person only workshop.

For more information, contact: or visit

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