Abstract Art

Let’s first take a look at Inez’s geometric abstraction paintings from the 1960’s. As you’ve seen, throughout Inez’s life she experimented with several different media and artistic styles. In the mid 1960’s she explored geometric abstract painting of ships, with the subject matter influenced most likely from her East Coast travels.

This first one is titled, “Four Boats at Anchor”. The first is a sketch with colored pencil; the second is her final painting.

And here is the development of “Schooner at Anchor”. Sketch; Colored Pencils. We do not have the final painting in this sequence.

Her final painting in the geometric abstract series is below.

My Favorite

Inez also created this series of abstract paintings. These are very different from her geometric abstractions, but interesting nonetheless!

Next up: we will take a look at her drawings of the 1960’s & 1970’s.

One thought on “Abstract Art

  1. Another fascinating entry! As a child, I remember seeing at least one of these hanging in your house (the one that you indicated as your favorite).

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