Marriage and New Career Direction

In upstate NY Inez taught art in the Schoharie County school district, where she was also offering adult education classes for the community. By the mid 1950’s, Inez was working as a junior high school Art Teacher in the Troy, NY school district. It was there she met her partner for life, John Edward (Ed) Sewell — the Music Teacher!

In the summer of 1957 they married, and Inez became pregnant with her first daughter soon after. Therefore, she had to quit her teaching job, as pregnant women were banned from working in the 1950’s. For a total of nine years Inez had taught art in the public schools, but now her career would take a new direction.

Her Sweetheart – Ed Sewell

At home as a wife and mother, Inez embarked on a new career avenue that utilized her degree from Pratt Institute in Advertising Design.

The newlyweds had a music studio in their home for Ed, and after they built an addition for their growing family, they turned a spare bedroom into an art studio for Inez. From here Inez sought out freelance opportunities for advertising art. She worked with many businesses, such as Pacific Pools, Colonie Block and Supply Co., and Reynolds Construction and Supply Co., and her work included creating brochures & logos, advertisements for newspapers and magazines, and catalog layouts. Inez provided layout design, mechanicals, copy, type specifications, hand lettering, and color separations. This was long before the time of computers, and Inez drew and prepared all her work by hand.

Here are two sample prototypes and their final products:

Inez also worked extensively for Argus-Greenwood printers of Albany, NY, Each Friday she would drive into Albany to drop off her work from the week and pick up her new assignments. One could say she was ahead of her time as a work-from-home advertising artist.

Thanks to Karen A. Sewell for the images for this post

Inez enjoyed this work for many years, but still made time for her personal art pursuits. Next up: We’ll take a look at some of the influences for her drawings and paintings in the 1960’s and 70s.

2 thoughts on “Marriage and New Career Direction

  1. I love your posts !

    Also I think inez’s approach to life is a great reminder for today’s challenges. I believe the creative and resilient will prevail during these crazy times

    She seems to have taken her situations and created new opportunities and a wonderful legacy as well

    I see a book in your future!

    Thanks for sharing ! Luanne
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    1. Thank you! Very glad you are enjoying Inez’s Tribute Blog. Indeed, she was resilient and used her creativity to find new and exciting opportunities for herself — skills definitely needed today.

      This wasn’t the first time society botched her career ambitions. As a teen Inez idolized Amelia Earhart, and as a young woman Inez earned her pilot license, and even briefly worked for United Airlines. Her hopes were dashed quickly, though, as female pilots were not to be in the 1950’s. After WWII, all the jobs (women could do) went to the men returning from the war. The first female hired to pilot for a major airline wasn’t until in 1973.


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